Brand Preference Research

“Best in Class”

As India is a country known for its diversity, different consumers from different parts of the country prefer different brands. Brand preference is a powerful metric for assessing the strength of product, brand and pricing.

Brand market research is a key element of successful branding at all stages of brand development, from developing image and positioning strategies, to measuring brand commitment.

We evaluate the value and the strength of brands by utilizing market research techniques such as preliminary brand benchmark research, qualitative research and quantitative research. The process involves thorough examination of the current brand landscape includes our client and competitive brands. This data collection process includes interviews of internal client, product development and customer service staff and sales personels.The process also involves depth qualitative depth interviews of clients/customers and those loyal to competitor brands. The final phase involves quantitative research of current clients and prospective clients to measure brand awareness, brand image associations, differentiating strength & perceived differences between competing brands, brand loyalty & switching likelihood and current brand confidence levels.