Concept Research

“Concept Tests Assess Consumers’ Interest in Potential Products”

Concept Research helps to identify potentially successful products early on, so that client can focus on research and development resources and marketing resources on concepts with the greatest probability of consumer & business decision makers acceptance. During the early stages of product development, or when considering co-marketing or license agreements, Client need a preview of prescriber reaction to a product or idea.

Concept development is the process used for product, branding, and advertising efforts which includes

  • Developing new products and improvement of old products based on facts such as
    (a) Is there a need for your new product?
    (b) Are there any serious negative aspects to proposed product or modification
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Developing brand positions
  • Advertising strategies

We have a vast experience of carryout such studies. It allows us to give a meaningful interpretation of the data available. We also offer in new service concepts, new customer experiences and new product positioning concepts.