Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty Studies

“Feel of Customers”

Satisfaction study allows the identification of the strengths and weaknesses of a company as per customer perception. It helps companies to improve the quality of services/products, thereby to achieve customers’ expectations.

We carryout customer satisfaction benchmarking research based on survey responses from millions of the consumers and the business decision makers worldwide. This customer market intelligence generated from the responses of consumers and businesses persons help our clients to improve their customer satisfaction. The research programs focus on customers’ satisfaction with product and/or service quality, sales & service satisfaction, retail experience and their willingness to recommend a brand, product, service or company. This intelligence information and analysis helps our clients better understand their strengths and weaknesses from customer viewpoint.

By analyzing the variables involved, we can identify the drivers and restraints of customer satisfaction. Identification of these factors provides companies to develop new product strategies and marketing strategies so that the retaining of customers becomes easy. The key drivers and restraints will be tracked throughout the product life span so that the continuous assessment of customer satisfaction is possible.

Now comes the loyalty, the more complicated term; it relates to satisfaction but not depending on satisfaction. Loyalty means the customer believes in specific brand and he is satisfied with it for a long period and expects to be continuing with the same brand. So the satisfaction studies should be giving more importance to ways to retain loyal customers and to achieve more. This can be possible by knowing the attitudes of satisfied as well as non-satisfies customers and managing strategies based on it. Here we can help you with our modest research technologies.

  • Identification of satisfaction/loyalty drivers
  • Tracking of customer satisfaction/loyalty