The competition in education system has been intensified throughout the levels including the KGs to the higher education. The selection criteria of each institute and courses by students resulted from a great thinking process. The education institutions have to be aware of

  • Selection criteria by students
  • Qualification level of staffs
  • What is the satisfaction level of students
  • Level of industrial tie-up required
  • Opportunities in the education sector

We guide clients toward unrecognized revenue opportunities and away from investments with limited potential. Due to our in-depth understanding of education markets, our expertise in marketing, product development, and strategy, and our expansive education network, Filed Global is the trusted source of market and customer insight, strategy, and marketing support for investors and suppliers to the education industry.


Our Experience

Our research experts understand the issues and challenges facing in the field of education. We provide strategic recommendations for effective data collection methodologies, survey or moderator’s guide design and respondent recruitment for both qualitative and quantitative research.

  • Study on emergence of e-books in Indian education system
  • The higher education market: opportunities for IT services providers
  • Study on textbook publishing industry and associated regulatory bodies
  • Study on Universities associated with healthcare system
  • Technological boom in Indian education system