Information Technology

In the last ten years the IT sector in India has grown at an average annual rate of nearly 30%. India has emerged as the preferred destination for IT services owing to the cost advantage and talent pool. A company with vast experience and understanding of the new technologies in IT sector only can conduct a successful research in the field.

The research in IT sector includes the assessment of market size, assessment of opportunities, assessment of customer satisfaction and impact assessment of future technologies.


Our Experience

Our team of research analysts tracks the latest developments in the IT industry to help clients to make the best solutions at every stage of their business development process. Field global delivers a complete analysis of the technology business, including hardware market, software & services market, IT Infrastructure, IT security market, IT & outsourcing market, ICT market, ICT & outsourcing market, and near shore outsourcing.

  • Pricing research for IT services
  • Market assessment for microchips in India
  • Study on future trends of Indian IT sector
  • Study on recruitment strategies of IT corporate
  • Market study on IT software and recent R&D process on software