India initiated an ambitious reform program, involving a shift from a controlled to an open market economy showing signs of overheating because of basic infrastructure constraints, economical, physical and human. So far, the bulk of infrastructure was in the public sector. Public sector in India operating in a protected set up has been largely subsidized by the Government.

The opportunity lies in the entry of private sector and foreign investment to come in. Because of the long gestation period, and many social implications, the infrastructure sector compares unfavorably with manufacturing and many other sectors. Clearly, there is a wide gap between the potential demand for infrastructure for high growth and the available supply. This can also be seen as an opportunity for a widening market and enhanced production.


Our Experience

Our Expertise in the Infrastructure sector industry provides idea about new proposals and policies regarding to infrastructure in terms of telecommunications, oil exploration and industrial parks.

  • Study on Indian construction and infrastructure industry
  • Study on Transportation infrastructure industry in India
  • Market study on elevators & escalators
  • Market mapping study for builders
  • Concept testing study on multiplex in Surat
  • Haridwar Consumer Survey for available infrastructure
  • Study on rural infrastructure development program
  • Study on airport infrastructure in Indian cities
  • Study on Government policies and recent changes in Indian infrastructure sector
  • Study on foreign investment pattern in Indian infrastructure sector