Oil & Gas

As the demand for Oil & Gas will be increasing day by day, this is one of the future oriented market segment. With two-thirds of the world’s oil reserves lying in the Middle East, it is the focus of all related studies. In India the focus is on government policies as well as on the corporate that are having significant role.

Also, in recent years there has been a change in government policies mainly in the petroleum segment as it shows a withdrawal from market and opening of market to the private sector companies. This policy change hopes to have an impact on Indian Oil & Gas sector as the opportunities have been raised to a large extent.


Our Experience

We carryout research in all sectors of Oil & Gas industry. Few of our studies includes

  • • Oil and Gas supply demand outlook in India
  • • The future of the Indian oil refining industry
  • • Customer satisfaction study for leading natural gas company
  • • Unconventional Oil & Gas map of India
  • • Study on oil & gas exploration technologies
  • • Assessment of Indian oil & gas market

We deliver extensive Oil & Gas industry domain expertise and insightful full-service market research results to each of our client’s research initiatives. Our clients include leading corporate companies and investment firms from around the world.