Product Packing Studies & Product Labeling Research

“The least but the hottest”

Packaging & labeling research is to estimate the impact of packaging & labeling on the sales of a product. It provides idea about how consumers react to product packaging or packaging concepts.

It involves the consumers or customer’s perception about packaging of a product in separate category based on attributes like size, weight, color, and material.

Powerful cues in packaging allow customers to conclude that products are more effective than others. The chances are very high for consumers/customers reaches a conclusion on the product quality from the packaging itself. Unique packaging structures can enhance shelf visibility, differentiate brands from their competition and, through improved functionality, boost customer satisfaction.

The Packaging & Labeling should have

  • Attention value
  • Purchase interest, based solely on the package design
  • Uniqueness or dissimilarity to competitive packages
  • Fit to or compatibility with the brand

Having said all this packaging research can help to increase the odds of success for a product. However, because new packaging systems often involve significant investments in new production processes and/or additional materials, it is imperative to understand which innovations are most likely to make a difference.