Product Positioning Strategy

“Survive in Market”

To successfully sell a product we must understand competitive products, market segment and distribution channels. This helps us to understand how the product should be positioned.

Positioning gives a brand or product meaning. It creates a specific place in the mind. We want people to associate brand with a specific position. Product or brand positioning is an important strategy for achieving differential advantage. Positioning reflects the "place" a brand occupies in a market or segment. A successful brand position has characteristics that are both differentiating and important to consumers. For successful product positioning strategy we should know

  • Advantages product
  • Segment
  • Customer benefits
  • Pricing and how it relates to performance of the product (For example, a high end product may cost more, but it may offer more features or benefits than competitive products.)
  • Market share

We provides our clients with details about the current position in the market We also offers insights about how to make a new positioning based on our analysis of collected data.