Real Estate

The real estate sector in India has assumed growing importance with the liberalization of the economy. In recent years it has shown a trend towards greater organization, transparency, and regulatory aspects. The government of India has announced new polices in regards to urban land ceiling, rent control and property tax.

In spite of growth in real estate industry, like in any emerging sector, the Indian market also has its own share of risks and hurdles. As the developments in the real estate sector are being influenced by the developments in the retail, hospitality and entertainment industries, economic services and information technology services , a close look at these all sectors are essential to know the pulse of real estate sector.


Our Experience

Our expert’s team provides overviews on the a complex real estate market, we assist occupiers, developers, financiers and investors, by structuring & delivering customized real estate and infrastructure solutions.

  • Study on the growth of real estate sector in India
  • Study on investment pattern in Indian real estate sector
  • Study of Indian real estate segments in regards to Government policies
  • Research on opportunities in Indian real estate sector- Study for international Client
  • Study on risks associated with Indian real estate market
  • Study on investment opportunities in Indian real estate sector
  • Need based v/s investment based attitude in Indian real estate sector
  • Research on brand preference among the residential flat seekers