Shopper Insights

“Insights that decides all”

We deliver unrivalled shopper insights that help manufacturers and retailers understand in-store behavior, motivations and decisions. We explore shopper behavior around the key in-store touch points and provide competitive advantage to our clients. By converting the resulting shopper insights into action we enable our clients to build brand equity, stimulate purchase or trial, improve loyalty and customer retention and increase sales.

Our research oriented solutions connect manufacturers and retailers with shoppers throughout the cycle of purchase and consumption. Designed to reveal actionable insights about the shopper, brand or retailer experience, our techniques may be us.

Our research methodologies involve the technical aspects to understand high-value shopper segments, shopping preferences and factors that drive sales. We also provide Insights influenced strategic decisions about store location, redesigning store layout and décor and developing an optimal merchandise mix. We explore the key influencers of today’s shoppers and retailers along with details of destination shopping, impulse shopping, coupon usage and attitudes and behaviors toward retailers.