Social & Rural

The social sector is defined here as what comes under ‘Social Services’ and ‘Rural Development’ in the Indian budgets. Basically this means health, education, water and sanitation, housing, anti-poverty programs, employment programs, etc. Rural development is the major sector coming in the rural programs.

The research methodologies involves large scale demographic surveys, tracer studies, institutional reform studies, need assessment studies, impact assessment and evaluation studies, socio economic surveys, communications strategy development, census and habitation surveys.


Our Experience

We covers wide range of social policy areas such as education, health, social services, environment, labor market, family policy, public transport, justice, immigration, community integration . The behavior patterns of the rural consumers are largely dependent on their race, culture, belief systems, lifestyles, perceptions and their purchasing power. We have expertise in assessing the rural marketing potential to segregating and segmenting the rural markets.

  • Social Segregation and Slums :Mumbai based study
  • Impact on pollution on agriculture in rural areas
  • Study on Demand assessment for water and sanitation (watsan) loans in specific villages of Orissa
  • Project Farmville- Study on gardening in India
  • Study on child labor in India
  • Study on un-employment among rural population
  • Impact assessment of rural development programs in Jharkhand

We are recognized as the research partner for world’s leading policy makers. Our clients include public sector and government bodies, non-government organizations and major international and national institutions.