The Textile Industry in India is one of the largest and most important industrial segments of the Indian economy. It is undergoing a major reorientation towards non-clothing applications of textiles, known as technical textiles, which are growing roughly at twice rate of textiles for clothing applications and now account for more than half of total textile production.


Our Experience

Our expertises cover the following key segments of the industry: Textiles Apparel & Clothing; Home Textiles, and Accessories. These are few of our research in textile industry in India

  • Research on R&D in textile sector in India
  • Market Assessment of Indian textile market
  • Study on export potential of Indian textile industry
  • Risks & Opportunities in Indian textile market - Study for international client
  • Study on demographic , social and labor aspects in regards with textile mills in India
  • Study on textile sector in one Indian state
  • Product concept study for Indian Client
  • Study on textile industry in Tirupur
  • Research on supply chain in Indian textile & clothing sector
  • Research on cost structure of Indian textile industry