The Indian Automobile Industry is on overdrive with the rapid urbanization along with the overwhelming growth of the middle class population and with the intensified globalization process. It results in entry of prominent players which caused intensified competition and price war which has created Indian automobile industry to flourish.

Indian automobile industry runs through products in different segments, players in market, competition scenario, pricing and over and above all the customers.

In such situation of vulnerability the decision for investment is of paramount importance. We should know each and every point in value chain so that the decision to invest should be in safe valley. The understanding of pulse of market especially of the customer’s helps to have a full benefit of the investment.


Our Experience

FieldGlobal Market Research Pvt Ltd has extensive market research experience in Product concept studies, customer/dealership satisfaction surveys, Branding and re-branding studies, and in wide ranging consultancy services within the automotive segment.

The Indian automobile industry has seen interesting dynamics in recent times with the effect of the global downturn, followed by recovery in domestic demand.

Over the past decade, we have conducted automotive research in the following areas:

  • Customer satisfaction study on Radial tyre amongst fleet truck owners
  • Product concept study for international client
  • Auto components segment study
  • Study on evolving dynamics of Indian automotive industry
  • Brand preference study among two wheeler users
  • Re-branding study of a major truck manufacturerStrategic marketing plan for international client for their three wheeler in India
  • Strategic marketing plan for international client for their three wheeler in India
  • Strategic research on improvement of sales of heavy vehicles in India
  • Study on development of green vehicle concept & Challenges