Brand Equity Research

“Power of Brand Name”

Brand equity associates with consumer behaviors that permit the brand to earn greater volume or margins than it could without the brand name.

We carry out qualitative research if the goals include an exploratory research assessment or evaluation of brand naming alternatives. Full brand equity research studies often begin with Brand Base research followed by Brand Qualitative research and targeted quantitative Brand Equity Screening Survey studies. If the objectives are primarily for brand equity tracking, then we may proceed directly with a quantitative research design and execution. The study methodology designs to understand

  • Price premium that the name can support
  • Impact of the name on customer preferences
  • Stock market valuation
  • Earning power of the brand
  • Replacement value of the brand

We measure brand equity by comparing actual sales with the sales which might have been without a brand. Brand equity research helps to capture the power of brand and in comparison with that of other products in the same category.