As the Indian economy shifts from service oriented economy to that of non-service activities the logistics segments is set to rise. Rural logistics asset to contribute a larger share to this increase as the infrastructure related to agricultural activity unfolds. With rising disposable income, changing lifestyle, focus of government and private sector on rural and agricultural related activities, the rural logistics has received special attention in the past two to three years. Rural logistics, though lucrative, has a number of challenges which makes it difficult to tap the opportunity. In cities also the similar trends are happening.

By analyze the various logistics segments (modes, infrastructure and 3PL) in terms of their current market size, growth drivers and future prospects we can have an outlook of overall logistics segment in India.


Our Experience

We expertise in Indian logistics service providers across all the key industry sectors on key performance criteria.

We also provide a comprehensive analysis of the logistics spend logistics efficiency and logistics outsourcing trends across each of these industries such as automotive, consumer durables, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), IT and telecom, pharma, retail, and textiles.

  • Research on Indian logistics market – In terms of key drivers & restraints
  • Logistics industry in India from customers view
  • Indian logistics industry – from the mode of process view point
  • Research on future trends and developments in the logistics market in India
  • Study on third party logistics market in India
  • Strategic analysis of Indian logistics market