Purchase Behavior Study

“Know the Customer”

Purchase behavior research the study of when, how, where, why consumer buy or not buy a product.

Buying behavior depends on the decision process of the customer that what to buy and the factors that influences them to buy. The buying behavior mainly influenced by

  • Needs of the product
  • Awareness about the product
  • Search for the right place to purchase the product
  • The alternatives / substitutes of the product

The purchase decision of consumer is based on the behavior of the seller, the product quality, and the features of the product, the packaging, the uses, the importance and the advantages of the product.

The purchasing process has been changed dramatically during the recent years with the popularity of digital media. The conventional purchase models are insufficient to adequately describe and forecast consumer’s buying process. We have are designed Real-time Interactive Studies (RIS) to provide a deep understanding of the attributes of buying process from consumers view point. We track consumer behavior over a period of 6-12 month pre-purchase period. The study adds up value to decision making on Pricing, Marketing Strategies, Dealer Management and Customer Retention.

The analysis of consumer behavior is rooted in consumer psychology. It enables us to generate data revealing the hidden thoughts that consumers make their selection. The model is driven by rational-emotive cognitive processes, which are the basic factors in human decision making. It demonstrates how consumer purchase decisions directly relate to human psychology and inner thoughts.